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Meet my Oldest Friends by DominicTheRaccoon Meet my Oldest Friends :icondominictheraccoon:DominicTheRaccoon 0 18 Big Pupper Boy by DominicTheRaccoon Big Pupper Boy :icondominictheraccoon:DominicTheRaccoon 4 3 Bit Too Tight.. by DominicTheRaccoon
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Bit Too Tight.. :icondominictheraccoon:DominicTheRaccoon 0 3
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I've always found prophecies a real bore.
Just the same old repitition I fear to admit.
It's as if no one around is original anymore.
There is great evil, and a hero must typically defeat it.
The all time bad hides behind shadows, with a legion.
Probably wielding powerful magic, or just really intimidating.
A king or queen, being killed as the villain dominates their region.
The visuals could be stunning, so don't take this as mindless hating.
The hero is the least you'd expect, a real whimp or clutz. 
They're just randomly shepherded away by a wise father figure.
They're a failure during training, deeming the old man nuts.
Only to find out he's been killed, the hero's opinion now reconfigured.
If this was real life, they'd just run home to curl up and cry.
But that'd ruin the ending of the story, heh, that ain't a lie.
:icondominictheraccoon:DominicTheRaccoon 11 143
Habitat of Animals or Beasts?
I cautiously glance upon a winding street,
with sprawling herds of monstrous feet.
I hear the roaring thunderous stomps,
filling the air of the concrete swamp.
The air should have smelt like roses,
but actually singed our poor noses. 
The taste of the air is filled with intentions vile,
masking any humanity and filling my mouth with bile.
I touch those who remain close to thee,
proceeding to bump into those not quite family.
I feel lost, help me. 
:icondominictheraccoon:DominicTheRaccoon 8 65
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Meet my Oldest Friends
These two are my first friends, technically. I've always loved my stuffies so very much. I used to imagine them as mutes who'd talk through hand gestures. We'd watch tv together ^^

I believe they're based off of the titular character from "The Bear in the Big Blue House", a show I loved dearly. To my knowledge, they were bought at a Disney Store in Winnipeg. I had two other teddy bears like them, but they're with my father...

The bigger one on the left I named "Teddy", and I used to suck on his nose like a pacifier. I've had him since I was eleven months old. When I meet :iconsentauria: irl, I'm going to gift him to her.

The one on the right I named "Little Bear". I'll gift him to :iconcanstacat: one day. 
To celebrate finishing my exams I've decided to try my luck with:…
Give me a D! Give me an O! Give me a N! And give me an E! What's that spell? DONE! 

Cheer! by Shoonsh 

I'm done my exams~
Okay, so me and my mom moved to a northern Manitoban city back in the summer of 2011, because she met a guy. Things were good, until he cheated on her not a year later.

Eventually she met a new, caring individual, whom she started a new relationship with. It's lasted five years, and he even proposed to her in Mexico, taking her to Jamaica later on as well. (I couldn't go on these trips due to my very distant father not signing the passports, in fear my loving mom would take me away).

But they broke up a little while ago, and things have really gone to heck as a result. Our current home was a rental from the brother of my moms now ex-fiancé. So, they put their house up for sale, with intent of evicting me and my mom whenever their house gets purchased.

I can only guess what happened tonight, but now we're being evicted tomorrow. Thankfully my mom has sold plenty of knick knacks recently, and she can get a job (as well as hopefully finish her nurse course without issue).

But however, just today, she got us a new home that's owned by the local university. We even get to keep Baby, though Tank might have to be given away.

With the obvious hassle of my moms ex's family forcing upon us, of course there's that issue literally everything needs to be moved out tomorrow, with the services canceled. Much to our relief, our family is large and supportive, meaning there's a chance this can be done flawlessly.

Due to my need of being with you all, and inability to help them without stressing out, I'll probably be living with a close relative for a few days. Bit of a noisy household, but I'm very grateful.

Who'd have thought this would happen, though? Fives year of a good relationship turns sour, now we're being kick out. All in the same week that I was supposed to go to Verna J. Kirkness. 


DominicTheRaccoon's Profile Picture
My little secret!
I am a loyal friend, and a hard worker in school. I have been bullied for a fair deal of my life, but I trudged through it. I have friends and family that care for me, and I am grateful for that!

Also, the profile pic is by: :iconbiuehaiku:

My avatar is by: :iconskullghost112:

Both of which are really talented artists who took the time to make those head shots of my character.

Pride by DaytimeDeer


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Heyyoooo are u free today?
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For a few hours 
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Wifi is down for me and I'm on the last of my data
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