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I must say, the colours are stunning. Not only that, but that expression is well drawn, and appropriately shaded! Truth be told, I'm a ...

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I cautiously glance upon a winding street,

with sprawling herds of monstrous feet.

I hear the roaring thunderous stomps,

filling the air of the concrete swamp.


The air should have smelt like roses,

but actually singed our poor noses. 


The taste of the air is filled with intentions vile,

masking the inhumanity and filling my mouth with bile.


I touch those who remain close to thee,

proceeding to bump into those not quite family.


I feel lost, help me. 

Habitat of Animals or Beasts?
Hello everyone! I present to English project. XD This is something I whipped up in class. The criteria was very simple. Write a poem that highlights the five senses in a particular way. So, I'd like to thank my English teacher for grading it with full marks and for the opportunity to write this thing.

Oh. This is my first crack at writing something so short, and I originally didn't want a rhyme scheme. I only threw it in to kill the time.

So, I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of this! Also, one last thing, the format is a bit wierd looking because I typed it up in Microsoft word 2010 with what I believe to be double spacing (which was a mandatory thing to set it to).
I would like to formally thank those who left a comment, sent me a note, or messaged me via some other communications medium. Despite being a teenager, I've got the emotional maturity of a child.
So, thank you all for putting up with my bout of dark thinking.
If you missed what happened, then do not worry.
So...I saw Sausage Party. Swears crammed in all over, bit of racism, mostly sexual innuendos, with some funny scenes. Do I reccommend it? Honestly, I don't know what to think.

It's a Seth Rogen film. That sums it up perfectly.
Bit of a change from my normal raffle journals, but, like the LordDominic, or LChee journals, this one is fairly serious as well.
:iconhomemadegalaxies: is a kind user of this website. Though, her own mother disagrees. She (the mother) constantly berates her daughter (Galaxies), even when she's already suffering from a breakdown. Apparently, Galaxies money loving wrench of a mom has cut her off (insurance and so forth) after getting into an accident. It isn't the first either, but things wouldn't be much better if it was. Please spread the following journal that I am about to link.…

Also, here's her conversation with her "beloved" mommy.


DominicTheRaccoon's Profile Picture
My little secret!
I am a loyal friend, and a hard worker in school. I have been bullied for a fair deal of my life, but I trudged through it. I have friends and family that care for me, and I am grateful for that!

Also, the profile pic is by: :iconlpsamanda:

My avatar is by: :iconisnottacatt:

Both of which are really talented artists who took the time to make those head shots of my character.
Pride by DaytimeDeer

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After pet sitting the two pooches, I was sweating. And when I rubbed my hands around, a build up of dirt and what not clumped together into black stuff. But after a quick wash, I feel much better. :)
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